Monday, May 17, 2010

Your Birthday Gift?

So, I know we just finished celebrating the obligatory Mother's Day.  As a mother, and as a woman who has a network of close friends who are also mothers, I have to be honest and tell you the day is not all it's hyped up to be for us.  Yes, we love our children, yes we love that they try to make this Hallmark moment for us that inevitably fails because what most mothers want for Mother's Day is quiet time ALONE!!!  (yes, it sounds terrible....but I'm not going to lie about this very important subject)

Therefore, I have an idea for all you children out there.  (yes, even grown up children.....your mother is still your mother and will always be your mother even if she's 102 and your 82!)  Why not give your mother a gift on your next birthday.  We are always receiving birthday gifts every year.  But, did you ever stop and think...."uno what?  I should be giving my own mother a gift for giving me life, for enduring months of physical and emotional torture, only to have hours and sometimes days of intense, excrutiaing pain, then years and years of dealing with my crap....." 

So, for your next birthday....don't be telling everyone what you want for your birthday...come to Mally's Cottage and pick out a nice gift to give to your mother.  SHE deserves it more than you!

:) -MA

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tis the Season....

In the mountain of North Carolina, 'Tis the Season has a second meaning besides Christmas.  It also means the beginning of Spring and Summer.  Our lifeline time of the year. 

Mally's Cottage is now officially sprung into spring, and is looking forward to summer.  We are open six days a week now (closed Sundays) and we have been receiving our new shipments every week.

Come check us out!